Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Have A Friend ...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend that, even though they were extremely powerful and very important in the "eyes of the world", was modest and humble and who was always willing to listen to us at any time of day, even if we awoke at 3 am and we wanted to talk to them with no cell phone charges or busy signals?

A person who would listen to and understand every word we say and, if we said it wrong, they knew what we meant.

A person, who would do anything for us and proved it by giving up their life for us in the most horrible way imagineable.

A person, who is willing to forgive anything we ever did to Him, no matter how bad it was, even though He never did anything wrong to us.

A person who only asked us to be a good person and He gave us 10 simple rules to follow to achieve this goal.

A friend, who never wanted to borrow money, even though they never earned much money during their lifetime.

A friend who never told bad jokes, interfered in our business, embarrassed us or asked us for favor.

A friend, who has "highest standards" than any of our other friends.

A friend who noticed every good thing we ever did and they will reward us for every one of them.

A person who never lost faith in us and who just asks that we never lose faith in Him.

A friend, who could make you happy for eternity.

A friend who wants you to ask for favors even though you may not deserve them.

A friend who loved you so much that He was willing to be nailed to a cross and willing to hang there for hours until he died for you.

Well, we all have such a friend and we always will …

His name is Jesus.

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