You can get $25 worth of Free Pizza and also some Free Calendars ($14.95 Retail price each) and have them delivered to your house by following the steps below! (This is not a contest - EVERYBODY can do it!)

Our goal is to make Christmas 2018's shopping as "Stress Free" as possible by selling the perfect Christmas gift - Children's Motivational Calendars - now instead of during the busy Christmas Season!

When you sell just 5 "Oppi" the Optimist and "Pessi" the Pessimist Children's Motivational Calendars, you will get $25 worth of Free Pizza and for every Calendar over 5 that you sell, you get an identical Free Calendar (Value $14.95) for yourself or you can give it to someone else as a Christmas Present to reduce your 2018 Christmas "Shopping stress"!

* If you are eating pizza with 4 other people and each one calls their parents and their their two-sets of Grandparents, that will probably get you $25 worth of pizza and 7 Free - $14.95 - Calendars! That's a total of $174.50 for 10 minutes of your time! If you sell 10 more calendars, that's $324.00 and you can do that every time you order a pizza!

Our Calendars are the perfect Christmas gift for the following Ten reasons:

  1. Everyone is going to buy a Calendar! (You'll save them a trip to the crowded mall!)

  2. Our Calendars are the perfect gift because they are the correct Size and Color for every person on your shopping list.

  3. They are the perfect "Stocking Stuffer" because they can be "rolled up" and they fit perfectly into a "Christmas Stocking".

  4. The Calendars come in a TOPIC that is "just right" for everyone! (See below.)
    * You can see a sample of each Calendar by clicking on the various topics below.

  5. By ordering now, it will make your Christmas Shopping for 2018 as "Stress Free" as it can possibly be! You can a get Calendar for everyone on your Christmas list and your Christmas shopping will be done! The Calendars will be sent to your address before December 5th - in plenty of time before Christmas. That will give you plenty of time to call other people to get even more Free Pizza and Free Calendars without the normal Christmas Stress!

  6. The Calendars will:
    1. Give you the Date.
    2. Change a young child's life because they will Motivate them and give them Confidence and a Positive Attitude that they will use the rest of their life!

  7. The Calendars are the Highest quality possible and only cost $14.95, which is less than other Calendars.

  8. The Calendars are the amount most people spend on Christmas gifts - under 15 dollars.

  9. When they purchase a Calendar, they will get $30 off of two books written by the Creator of "Oppi" the optimist and "Pessi" the pessimist: (They can even "download" them without going to a store to buy them!)
    Book # 1: "What Will I do after High School?" (Let your high school student pick the perfect CAREER the 1st time! It has over 2,000 careers.)
    Book # 2. "Graduation Gift from Grandpa". (The perfect Graduation gift!)

  10. Your purchase is SAFE because you can pay for the Calendars with a "check" and your check is your receipt.


To get your Free $25 Pizza check and Free Calendars, please follow these instructions:

Ask each of your friends to contact their friends on their cell-phone and on their Facebook and Twitter accounts etc. (We have a list of other people they can contact near the bottom of the page.) Your friends will just ask if their friends want to buy an "Oppi" the Optimist and "Pessi" the Pessimist Motivational Children's Calendar for their self and maybe some extra Calendars to make their 2015 "Christmas Shopping" less stressful!

(They will send their "checks" to you and you will fill-out the following form and send it with their checks - before the October 15th deadline - to the address on the form below.) The Calendars and check will be sent to the "Contact person" on the form below.

Below is a list of people we suggest you call to get your best results:
Grand parents (Mother's side)
Grand parents (Father's side)
Great Grand Parents (Mother's side)
Great Grand Parents (Father's side)
Aunt/Uncle #1
Aunt/Uncle #2
Aunt/Uncle #3
Aunt/Uncle #4
Cousin #1
Cousin #2
Cousin #3
Neighbor #1
Neighbor #2
Neighbor #3
Neighbor #4
Friend #1
Friend #2
Friend #3
Friend #4
Classmate #1
Classmate #2
Classmate #3
Classmate #4
Sports coach #1
Sports coach #2
B-Ball/Baseball/Soccer team member/coach #1
B-Ball/Baseball/Soccer team member/coach #2
B-Ball/Baseball/Soccer team member/coach #3
B-Ball/Baseball/Soccer team member/coach #4
Cheerleader team member/coach #1
Cheerleader team member/coach #2
You and your friend's
Facebook friends
Twitter friends
Your cell phone friends
E-mail list
Cell phone friends
Facebook friends
Twitter friends
E-mail list
Brother and Sister
Cell phone friends
Facebook friends
Twitter friends
E-mail list
Music teacher
Other people!
Thank you for your time and please have a "Stress Free" 2018 Christmas!

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