How to sell our Calendars and make
Thousands or Millions of Dollars every year!

* Remember, you never send us any of your money.



"Organizations", like Churches, Military, Schools, Little League, Scouts etc.. can let their members sell our Calendars like the Girl Scouts sell their cookies.

Your organization will sell the Calendars for $15. We get $10, to pay for the Calendars and shipping etc. and your organization keeps $5 for every Calendar you sell! (The Girl Scout only keep 50 cents for each box of cookies they sell.)


What Will Your Profits Be?

* Based on the sale of 6 Calendars per child/member. (Some Girl Scouts sell thousands of boxes of cookies)

School - 250 children - 6 Calendars/child - $5.00 each = $7,500 ... every year!

Little League - 3 million members - 6 Calendars/child - $5.00 each = $90 Million ... every year!

Catholic church school children - If there are 33 million - 6 Calendars/member - $5.00 each = $990 Million dollars … every year!


What "work" Do You Have To Do?

You simply "download" our "Sales" and “Record of Sales” sheets from our website - - and give it to your students/members etc.

Everything they need to do is explained on the two sheets.

(Click here to see a sample of the two sheets.)

When they return with their "Record of Sales" sheet completed, you will simply contact us at: You will forward our $10/Calendar and we will send your calendars to you. We will deliver the Calendars to you well before Christmas!

If you do not receive a response within 2 days, please send a text to: (765) 661-3706.


Sample of the Calendar

2017 Motivational Calendar

Our FREE Motivational Children’s Calendars feature “Oppi” the Optimist and “Pessi” the Pessimist. Here are some samples of their messages:

Place your cursor over the link below to see a sample from each category.



A business can "stack" several of our calendars next to our FREE Color "Display Ad". The "display ad" will do the talking for you! (Shown below)

We will give you 10 Calendars and a Color Display Ad for FREE! For every Calendar you sell, you'll pay us $10 and you’ll keep $5. We will give you a "display ad" that offers the Calendars for $15 There is absolutely no risk for your business!

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