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The "Best Ways" to sell our Calendars!

* Remember, you never send us any of your money.



A business can "stack" several of our calendars next to our FREE Color "Display Ad". The "display ad" will do the talking for you! (Shown below)


We will give you 5 Calendars and a Color Display Ad for FREE! You'll pay us $3.99 for every Calendar you sell and you keep the rest of the money for your profit. We can give you a "display ad" that offers the Calendars for $4.99, like the one shown, or for any other price you want. Therefore, you can charge any price you want for the Calendars.

There is absolutely no risk for your business!



"Organizations", like Churches, Avon, Military, Martha Stewart, Moose Lodge etc. and "children's organizations" like Schools, Little League, Scouts, 4-H etc, can let their members sell our Calendars like the Girl Scouts sell their cookies and the Boy Scouts sell their popcorn.

Your organization will pay us $3.99 for every Calendar you sell and you keep the rest of the money for your profit so your organization can sell the Calendars for $14.99 and you will keep $5.00 for every Calendar you sell!


What Will Your profits be?
(Based on the sale of 6 Calendars per child/member)

School - 250 children - 6 Calendars/child - $5.00 each = $7,500 ... every year!

School Board - 6 Schools - 6 Calendars/child - $5.00 each = $45,000 ... every year!

Little League - 3 million members - 6 Calendars/child - $5.00 each = $90 Million ... every year!

Catholic church - 66 million members - 6 Calendars/member - $5.00 each = $1.98 Billion dollars ... every year!

Catholic church school children - If there are 33 million - 6 Calendars/member - $5.00 each = $990 Million dollars … every year!


What "work" do you have to do?

You simply "download" our "Sales Sheet" from our website - - and give it to your children or members. Everything they need to do is explained on the “Sales Sheet”.

When they return with their "Sales Sheet" completed, you simply contact us at: and we will send you a check for your portion of the sales. We will deliver the Calendars to you before: (Date will be based on “order date” but well before Christmas!

If you ever have any questions, please contact me at:


Sample of the Calendar

2014 Motivational Calendar


To “download” your free “Oppi” the optimist and “Pessi” the pessimist Motivational # 1 calendar. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Right click on the “red” “2014 Motivational Calendar“ link below
  2. Select "SAVE TARGET AS"
  3. Click on SAVE.
2014 Motivational Calendar


“Sales Sheet” and “Record of Sales” sheet

(Click here to view the Sales Sheet) Our "Sales Sheet" has all of the information your "Sales Staff" will need so you can just hand it to them and wait for them to bring you their "Record of Sales" sheet. The "Sales Sheet" contains:

  1. "Suggested" words to say to each customer or they can use their own words.
  2. How to record their sales.
  3. When and where to turn in their orders and checks.
  4. "Suggested" people to call for the "Best" results.

To "download" this Sales Sheet and Record of Sales, which is where the orders will be recorded, please:

  1. Right click on the “red” link below
  2. Select "SAVE TARGET AS" (We suggest you save it to your "desktop" so it is easy to find.)
  3. Click on SAVE.
“Sales Sheet” and “Record of Sales” Sheet

(Click here to view the "Record of Sales" sheet)

Once you have “downloaded” the “Sales Sheet” and “Record of Sales” Sheet, you can make copies of them and pass them out to your children or "sales staff" and just ask them to follow the directions on the sheets!


Website5's philosophy is:

  1. The Most Important people are children!
  2. The most important product you can offer them is a "Great Attitude" because it will influence every decision they make the rest of their life!
  3. The best time to influence a child's attitude is when they are young and "impressionable", and those children like cartoons, so we created a Calendar with a message - so the children will see the same message for an entire month - and it features 2 cartoon characters called "Oppi" the optimist and "Pessi" the pessimist, who show children how to be motivated to set their goals high and to achieve them by being "positive", "working hard" and staying "focused"!

The Calendars make The Perfect "Christmas Gift" because of the following 5 reasons:

  1. Everyone will need a Calendar a few days after Christmas.
  2. The Calendars are the perfect Size and Color for every person - especially those "Hard to shop for people".
  3. The Calendars are the amount most people spend on Christmas gifts - less than $15 dollars.
  4. The Calendars are the perfect "Stocking Stuffer" because they can be "rolled up" and they fit perfectly inside a "Christmas Stocking".
  5. Most importantly, the Calendars will Change a young child's life because they will motivate them and give them Confidence and a Better Attitude that they will use the rest of their life plus it's a Calendar!

Would you like for me to send you a FREE Calendar so you can see how nice they are?
If yes: Address to send to:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is giving everyone in your organization permission to "download" our Calendar for FREE for use at your homes or your building.

You can also go to and "download" our "Proof of God" article from the "Blue Box" on the first page for FREE.

May we have your "contact information":

  1. Name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Phone number

Do you have any questions for me?

Would you like for the owner of - Dr. Smith - to contact you? He can offer you "Special Deals" that I'm not able to offer you!


Oppi Samples to Reflect Upon

To give you a better idea of the message that “Oppi” the optimist and “Pessi” the pessimist are trying to convey to children, you can “download" “Oppi Samples to Reflect Upon”. Please do the following:

  1. Right click on the “red” link below
  2. Select "SAVE TARGET AS"
  3. Click on SAVE.
Oppi Samples to Reflect Upon

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