1. You can sell our “Oppi the Optimist” and “Pessi the Pessimist” Calendars as a Fund Raiser for your organization. You will make $5 for every Calendar you sell!
  2. You can make a LOT of money for your: School’s Fund Raisers, Boy/Girl Scouts, Little League, YMCA, YWCA, Pal League or any group of children!

    Here’s an example of how much profit you could make for your Fund Raiser:

    * Based on each child selling just 6 Calendars. (Many Girl Scouts sell hundreds of boxes of cookies every year.)

    • Class of 60 kids ---------------------------------------- $1,800 - every year!
    • If your church/school has 800 students ------------- $24,000 - every year!
    • If your Boy/Girl Scout Troop has 500 members -- $15,000 - every year!
    • Little League - 3 million members ------------------ $90 Million - every year!
    • Catholic Church - 66 million members ------------- $1.98 Billion - each year!


    Click below to see a sample picture from each of our categories:

  3. We will make it extremely easy for you to sell the Calendars. You can “download” the Sales sheet, which tells you:
    1. "Suggested" words to say to each customer.
    2. Who to call for your best results.
    3. When and where to turn in their orders and checks.

    Our "Sales Sheet" has all of the information your “salesmen” will need so you can just hand it to them and wait for them to bring you their "Record of Sales" sheet. Click here to view or download the Sales Sheet.

    Our “Record of Sales” sheet explains how to record their sales. Click here to view or download the Record of Sales.

    Once you have “downloaded” the “Sales Sheet” and “Record of Sales” Sheet - from this website, you can make copies of them and pass them out to your “salesmen” and just ask them to follow the directions on the sheets! Then, they will bring you their orders and their money.

    * You will just send us the money to pay for the Calendars. You will never send your money so you don’t have to worry about getting paid!

    If you would like to get started, please send an e-mail to: smith@website5.com and request additional information. Please specify how many children or “salesmen” are in your organization.


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