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You can sell our “Oppi the Optimist” and “Pessi the Pessimist” Calendars as a Fund Raiser for
your organization. You can make up to $12.50 per Calendar!

(The website that Changes Children's Attitudes in a POSITIVE way and more!)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Website5...

First of all, for our last minute shoppers! Most of our books can be downloaded onto your computer, floppy disc, flash drive or CD and you will get your product in 5 minutes or less or you can print it out if you want to hold it in your hands. Therefore, if you need a "Stocking Stuffer" or a "Pre-Graduation gift" quickly, your shopping can be completed before you turn your computer off!

We would appreciate it GREATLY if you would review the information provided about a few of our products. Our products focus on the MOST IMPORTANT elements of your life:

  1. Your career - You career affects every part of your life more than anything else.
  2. Tips from Grandpa on how to avoid the mistakes that he, and his friends, made during their lifetimes so you can avoid them.
  3. Your weight. We’ll tell you The Truth about how to lose those unwanted pounds for the very first time! You’ll understand why you failed to lose your pounds before!
  4. Your attitude - Your attitude determines whether you will enjoy your life - more than money or anything else - because you use it every second of your life!


I'd like to tell you about the first product mentioned above. In the future, not everyone will have a job so if you, or your child, want to be one of the lucky ones who have a job - and actually love it - reading the following information will help! Jeeves.

What Will I do after High School?   book

What is the most important decision a person can make during their lifetime? Many people feel that it is picking the career - that is perfect for them - because it affects every aspect of their life, including your:

children - food they eat, time spent with them, school they attend, toys they have, vacations they take.
spouse - the spouse you select usually depends on your career. Doctors rarely marry entry-level workers.
self-esteem - our career plays a big part in how we feel about our self.
happiness at work - If you enjoy going to work, you're already a rich person since we all work a lot.
happiness after work - If you can't afford to do what makes you happy - what's the use of living?
house - since you'll spend half of your life there, you want to have a house that makes you happy.
car - your car should represents your personality plus everyone wants one that is "mechanically sound".
stress - the respect, happiness and salary you get from your work will greatly affect your stress level.
vacations - if you can't afford to take nice vacations, you will be less happy.
hobbies - if you don't have the time or money for your favorite hobby, you will be less happy.
bills - if you can't easily pay your bills, life will be very stressful.
and many more!

Most people change their career 5 times during their lifetime and, every time they make a change, it costs them thousands of dollars and many additional years of hard work and additional stress!

The importance of picking the right career is something that Dr. Smith knows about all too well because he was an X-Ray technician, then a Nuclear Medicine technician and finally a Doctor!

Dr. Smith wrote the "What Will I do after High School" book, which contains many helpful "tips" to help you "zero in" on the perfect career for you. The book contains over 2,000 careers!   You can look at each one and then eliminate the undesirable ones until you are left with the perfect career for you!   The book is very concise and easy to read and it can be read in one day!

Your career will determine how much you enjoy your life!

You can also go to: to communicate directly with the author of this book and you'll get a FREE download of this book while your on the website!

This book is perfect for a "Pre-Graduation gift or as a "Stocking Stuffer" at Christmas time or you can save it to a C/D or "floppy" and present it as a gift!

You can spend $9.95 and "download" this book and be reading it within 5 minutes and start planning the rest of your life!

For more information on this book, please click on the What Will I do after High School?   book on the main "Products" page of


Most of us have heard the expression "I wouldn't mind being young again if I could know then what I know now!" Well, older people can't go back in time but your children can start out knowing what it took Dr. Smith a lifetime to learn - the "hard way" - because about 30 years ago, whenever Dr. Smith made a mistake in life, he wrote it down and his notes have turned into a book that he calls "Graduation Gift from Grandpa".

If you would like the "rocky roads" of life to be a little less rocky for your children, please read the following... Jeeves

“Graduation Gift from Grandpa?  book

This book is based on the following philosophy:

"Never make the same mistake twice and let other people make it for you the first time!

Dr. Smith is the perfect person to guide you down the "rocky roads" of life because he saw life through so many different perspectives. For example, he graduated from high school in the lower-half of his class and he became an X-Ray technician and later on, a Nuclear Medicine technician and eventually, he received a 4.0 GPA at Indiana University and became a Doctor!

    During his lifetime, he experienced life as:
  1. a youth growing up in small Midwest cities and as an adult living in large cities like West Palm Beach, FL and New Orleans, LA.
  2. an unmarried X-Ray and Nuclear Medicine technician and a married Doctor.
  3. a college student at the age of 19-21, 26-27 and again from 30-36.
  4. an unmarried man for 42 years and a married man - with 3 step-sons - for over 18 years. (One who was killed in the war in Afghanistan.)
  5. a man with perfect health for 58 years and an older man with prostate and lymphatic cancer.
  6. an Entrepreneur. He founded and 11 other websites.
  7. an author of the 8 books that are on
  8. an inventor of several products and the recipient of a U.S. Patent.
  9. a pilot, skydiver and a few more things!

When we're young, our world is all about learning the values, such as of honesty and fairness, but when we graduate from high school, we enter a world where "it's all about the money". For example, the government tells everyone that gambling, cigarettes and alcohol can be bad for you but they allow the lottery and cigarettes and alcohol because they get part of the profits - not very honest. A surgeon, who studied for decades, can operate and save the career of someone who plays baseball, but the ball player makes 100 times their salary! ?u>That isn’t fair but fairness isn’t part of the adult world like it is in a child’s world.  

If new graduates aren't prepared, they will pay a serious price in time and money and they will learn why "nice guys finish last".

Here's TWO free tips from Grandpa!

The "Retail price" isn't the price that a product usually sells for. It's just a price that is “created?to make the "real price" seem unbelievable when they offer you 50% off of the "retail prices" during their "sales", which will end soon, but they are immediately following by another sale, which sounds differently but it saves you the about same amount of money.

To be a great conversationalist, you should only talk about their girlfriend, dog, hobby, vacation, life etc. and you should let their story be the best and last one told.

    This book contains "tips" about:
  • how to find the perfect job for you
  • conversational skills that you will use every day
  • solutions for car problems that you will experience
  • buying a house or car
  • how to bargain
  • why "term life" insurance is bad
  • and "inner peace" ("Inner peace" is especially important for school-aged children because they look to their peers for their self-esteem and, at that age, the other children are often "overly critical" of them to build their own self-esteem!)
  • and many more tips from Grandpa!

This is the perfect "Pre-Graduation gift" or "Stocking Stuffer" for a high school student. You can spend $9.95 and "Download" this book to your computer and you can read it within the next 5 minutes and you can also save it to a C/D or "floppy" and present it as a gift!  

Most "tips" are written in 2 or 3 sentences - so it's interesting to read for young people.

For more information on this book, please click on the “Graduation Gift from Grandpa?book on the main "Products" page on


If you, or a loved one, are a little "fluffy", please read the first paragraph below and you will start hearing the TRUTH - about WEIGHT LOSS - for the very first time! Jeeves

"The Diet Bible"   book

Many ads say "If you buy our new equipment, you will lose your excess pounds quickly and it will actually be fun!" but the TRUTH is, you won’t use their NEW equipment for the same reasons that you never used your OLD equipment!

We all know the two factors that affect weight loss - Diet and Exercise - but the reason why people fail to lose their unwanted pounds is the third - and most important factor - the HUMAN Factor. You can’t just buy new equipment and continue to use your old way of thinking - the thinking that made you “fat?... or “fluffy?.. in the first place and expect to lose weight and keep it off.

The Diet Bible is a small, easy to read book that finally tells the TRUTH about weight loss, which was written by Dr. Richard Smith. He graduated in the lower-half of his high school class and he became an X-Ray technician. He worked around doctors and he analyzed how they thought differently from him. Their thinking involved what he calls the ?strong>Thinking of Success?

  1. They were all willing to leave their ?u>comfort zone?for several years. (Most important)
  2. They used ?u>long term?thinking.
  3. Their strategy had timelines.
  4. Instead of using excuses or denial to explain their failures, they used discipline and sacrifices to achieve their goals.
  5. They recorded their progress and if their plan didn't work, they made another plan.

So, he decided to change his thinking and, even though his parents never finished high school, now he’s ... Doctor Richard Smith.

The MORAL of this story is the following: Losing weight is a very difficult goal but you can achieve it, and any other goal you have, if you make a "logical plan" and you stop making excuses and you are willing to leave your "comfort zone" long enough to achieve it!

You have to change your thinking so you think like a thin person. When thin people gain a few extra pounds, they “take charge of their life?and they work harder to lose them but, when thick or fluffy people gain a few extra pounds, they buy a larger shirt and they don’t tuck it in.  

We cannot control how tall we are but we absolutely can control what we weigh because we determine if we will eat properly and if we will sit, walk or just stand more during the day.

You can change your thinking and take control of your life or you can go through life - out of control - like a leaf in the wind!

The truth is, before you can train your abs, you have to train your brain and become mentally tough. Once you’re mentally tough, ANY goal is possible! Not just weight loss.

You can DOWNLOAD The Diet Bible from and you'll be able to read it within 5 minutes or you can save it to a C/D or "floppy" and present it as a gift to someone else or you can print it out and read it like a book.


Doctor Richard Smith changed his thinking and it changed his life - a LOT!   If you would like to stop being that “leaf in the wind?and start taking control of your life, you can take the 1st step down the “Road to Success?by ordering The Diet Bible for $9.95.   That’s a lot cheaper than their expensive equipment and the TRUTH is, you don’t even need equipment to lose your unwanted pounds!  

The book is called “The Diet Bible?because it tells the TRUTH!

For more information on this book, please click on the "The Diet Bible" book on the main "Products" page of


Well, we saved our MOST IMPORTANT product till last!

We have all seen people, who were sick and poor, but they were always smiling and we've all seen people who were the opposite.   Their attitude is what determined whether they would be happy or not during their lifetime - more than anything else!   Our attitude is the most important asset that we have because we use it every second of our lives.   If you want your child to have a great attitude - every second of their life - please read on... Jeeves

"Thought for the Day"    book, calendars and coloring book!
Cartoons that Change Lives!

We went from the "Baby Boomers" to "Generation X, Y and Z" but now, "Oppi" and "Pessi" are "Officially" starting "The Oppi Generation" to restore the following values back to our younger children:

Religion Responsibility Motivation Family Values Patriotism Long-Term thinking
Honesty Great work ethic Respect Sobriety Racial equality Honesty
Loyalty Positive thinking Manners Discipline Integrity and a LOT more!

Now, you can let “Oppi?the optimist and “Pessi?the pessimist give your child the most valuable asset they will ever have - a great ATTITUDE - while they are still impressionable and forming their personality and before their peers influence them in a negative way.

“Oppi?and “Pessi?/strong> present their motivational messages with cartoons, in their book, calendars and coloring book, that will keep your child's interest and change your child's life in a positive manner.

If your child looks at the inspirational words of “Oppi?/strong> and “Pessi?/strong> - on their calendar - for an entire month - they will reflect back on those words when they encounter a similar situation during their life and their life will be changed forever!   For example: they will think of the following words whenever they ...

see a person of a different race,Illustrations by

want to "feel like a man"...

feel like life owes them everything they want, without working hard for it...

need motivated to make their life better...

wants to make excuses...

want to watch their "hero's all day long

want to "give up"...

To see more sample cartoons from "Oppi" and "Pessi", please click here!


Since the Girl Scouts sell cookies every year as a "fund raiser", "Oppi" and "Pessi" have decided to sell their calendars via a large organizations also! They believe they are the perfect gift because:

  1. You need, and you’re going to buy, a calendar every year so why not buy one that will change every second of the rest of your youngster's life for the better!
  2. These calendar’s stress the values you want your child to have: honesty, great work ethic, patriotism, manners, responsibility, goal oriented thinking, maturity, no excuses, long-term thinking, no discrimination, etc.

So, if you represent an organization such as: The Boy Scouts, Little League, Avon, Amway, McDonald's restaurant, Soccer organization or Church etc. and you would like exclusive rights to sell these calendars as a fund-raiser, please contact:

For more information on "Oppi" the optimist and "Pessi" the pessimist's book, calendar and coloring book, please click on that specific topic on the main "Products" page of


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